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"How to Read the Bible"

by The Bible Project

1 - Overview 

2 - What is the Bible?

3 - The Story of the Bible

4 - Biblical Literary Styles

5 - Ancient Jewish Meditation Literature

6 - Plot

7 - Character

8 - Setting

9 - Design Patterns

10 - The Gospel

11 - The Parables of Jesus

12 - Poetry

13 - Poetic Metaphor

14 - The Book of Psalms

15 - The Prophets

16 - The Books of Solomon

17 - Apocalyptic Literature

18 - Biblical Law

19 - New Testament Letters: Historical Context

20 - New Testament Letters: Literaty Context


YouVersion Bible App

Read the books of the Bible with a group and share your experience and discoveries with the group on a daily basis via the in-app messaging.


Books of the Bible Printable Bookshelf



A pixel is a sample of an original image. Bible stories, characters, even you and I can be compared to pixels. Gen. 1:27 says man was created in the image of God. Connecting Bible stories and characters creates a fuller picture of God, His love, and the plan of salvation restoring us to our original image. PIXEL (Picture God) flash cards and study tools are designed to amplify your relationship with God through imagery. Great for all ages as a versatile game, study/teaching tool, and gift.

[TRUTH]LINK - Bible Study by Light Bearers


The Bible Timeline


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