Prayer Requests

The personal prayer requests below are left anonymous to protect the identities of our church’s members.

Our church members request prayer for:

A neighbor who passed away

A person who just got out of the hospital.

A person who just had a knee replacement

Recovering from sickness.


People to recover from cancer.

A friend with digestive problems.

Heart problems.

Freedom of Religion in Southeast Asia.

A neighbor to know God.

A person in pain.


Our church members praise God for:

Opportunities to praise God, speak for Him, and witness for Him

the Pathfinder organization.

Being given God's support in running a half-marathon.

Our Church family and speakers.

A person who recently passed the bar exam.

Suitcases which made it to Sunshine Orchards.

A fixed well.

Our expanding church.

A friend about to give birth.

A person selling their motorbike.