Prayer Requests

The personal prayer requests below are left anonymous to protect the identities of our church’s members.

Our church members request prayer for:

An Soon end to suffering, sorrow and sin.

The unborn.

A relative recovering from stroke.

A friend of one of our members who seeks justice. He is in jail for a crime he did not commit and his wife is accused of being an accessory.

The guidance of our nation's leaders.

A member's son who is struggling to get Social Security.

The husband of a member's friend who died in the recent Aurora shooting.

People suffering from cancer.

People to not lose faith.

A local politician who was forced to move to a different state because of rumors people were spreading about him.


Our church members praise God for:

Opportunities to praise God, speak for Him, and witness for Him.

Pastor Justin and Kim.

A member's dog who recovered.

People who are faithful throughout the world.

The recovery of the Pitcairn Church.

The gifts God has given us.