Prayer Requests

The personal prayer requests below are left anonymous to protect the identities of our church’s members.

Our church members request prayer for:

A friend who recently passed away.

the family of a person who recently committed suicide.

A son with prostate cancer.

Victims of the fires in California.

A person who lost his family.

A cousin with a brain tumor.

Families of people who are sick.

Reaching out to a friend.

People to be involved in as person's life who can remind what the truth is.

Friends whose granddaughter was killed.

People who are angry at God.

The Golden Church to find a new pastor.




Our church members praise God for:

Opportunities to praise God, speak for Him, and witness for Him

The Pathfinder organization.


Being able to serve as God's representatives in society.

People coming to acknowledge the Sabbath.


Angels interceding in a car accident.

Family coming home for Thanksgiving.

The healing of a broken arm.

A granddaughter who is free of drug addiction.

A graduate student in Colorado who found housing.